Who we are

Historical background

AMMA was founded in 1919 on the initiative of Giovanni Agnelli, who also became the Association’s first President. Right from the outset AMMA played a leading role in the political and trade-union events throughout this period of exasperated conflict, which culminated in the occupation of the factories during the summer of 1920.

The introduction of corporative regulations in 1926 – which prohibited strikes and lock-outs and imposed obligatory arbitration for all trade-union conflicts – deprived AMMA of its independent status. It was therefore natural that, even before Liberation, the Turin Association of Metal and Mechanical Industrialists resumed its identity and readopted the mission and aims that it had pursued when it was first founded. In 2007 the acronym changed from Associazione Metallurgici Meccanici Affini to the present Aziende Meccaniche Meccatroniche Associate.


Amma Today

On 1 October 2021, AMMA merged with the Unione Industriale di Torino, forming the Unione Industriali Torino.