Who we are

Historical background

AMMA was founded in 1919 on the initiative of Giovanni Agnelli, who also became the Association’s first President. Right from the outset AMMA played a leading role in the political and trade-union events throughout this period of exasperated conflict, which culminated in the occupation of the factories during the summer of 1920.

The introduction of corporative regulations in 1926 – which prohibited strikes and lock-outs and imposed obligatory arbitration for all trade-union conflicts – deprived AMMA of its independent status. It was therefore natural that, even before Liberation, the Turin Association of Metal and Mechanical Industrialists resumed its identity and readopted the mission and aims that it had pursued when it was first founded. In 2007 the acronym changed from Associazione Metallurgici Meccanici Affini to the present Aziende Meccaniche Meccatroniche Associate.


Amma Today

AMMA has a membership of more than 600 companies, with about 50.000 employees. They can be splitted into the following industrial sectors: Automotive, Machinery & Production Systems, Automotive Components, Electrics & Electronics, mechanical & metallurgy, Aerospace, Other Productions.

AMMA is a non-profit association and pulls togheter with Unione Industriale of Turin, inspired by the values and aims of Confindustria.

AMMA is also part of Federmeccanica.  

The goals of AMMA



Human Resources

AMMA can help member Companies with any problem directly or indirectly related to personnel management. Relations with companies are either based on telephone contacts or meetings held in the Association’s office or during visits to the company. With the aim of offering a useful backup for personnel management and representing members’ interests, AMMA also focuses on other activities. These include sitting on boards and committees, developing relations with social security, labour and welfare offices. In particular, AMMA attends the delegations for the National Labour contract, takes part in all negotiations, helps to draw up contractual documents and also monitors their management and application nationwide.

Safety and Environment

AMMA task is to advise member companies how to comply with specific regulations, to identify intervention priorities, define procedures and draw up adequate preventive measures.
In fulfilling this, AMMA offers a specific advisory service which can include doing plant inspections, organizing meetings and providing informations over the phone.
AMMA also takes part in the work carried out by UNI, CEI, CEN e CENELEC.

Innovation Point

The Innovation Point is responsible for technical information and the spread of innovation in technologically-advanced sectors. It operates through the periodical publication “Tecnonews”, and also organises seminars, conferences and one-day courses. Recently, the Innovation Point promoted a cooperation agreement between Politecnico of Turin and the Michigan State University.


AMMA carries out training activities with Unione Industriale of Turin through SKILLAB. The professional staff includes some of the most highly qualified lecturers in their own sectors. 
AMMA is also partner with ASSOCAM-Scuola Camerana and is among the founders of CSAO - Centro Sicurezza Applicata all´Organizzazione.